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Local Artist Adds "Author" To His List of Resume
Local Artist Adds "Author" To His List of Resume
Northwest-area resident Jay C. "Blue Jay" Burns recently published a highly regarded, anthological collection of his poetry interspersed with biographical passages.

Burns, 43 has already built quite a reputation for himself as a poet, singer, dancer, choreographer, teacher, playwright, a restorer of historic homes and now, author. Locally, he is an instructor at Programming Systems Institute, a vocational business school in addition to the time he spends writing grant proposals for area non-profit organizations. Through a new partnership, Jay and Jerry Creative Enterprises, Burns is developing an African American-oriented cartoon series.

He's managed to leave himself enough time to pursue a degree in Communications from U of D Mercy in April, He already holds a Conservation Degree in Music and Theater from Douglass College in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

"Reflections of Love: From Then to Now!" reflections broadly upon Burns multi-faceted career, His career was jump-started in British Columbia, where he founded two performing theater companies. Burns self-imposed exile in Canada was undertaken in response to his opposition to the war in Vietnam.

Burns was chosen to represent Canada in the second Festival of Arts and Culture Events in Lagos, Nigeria in 1977 was selected to attend the 40th anniversary of the United Nations, and he shared the stage at the Montreal Jazz Festival in 1984 with the likes of Eddie Harris.

"Reflections" is full of the sort of personal reflections you'd expect from such a varied professional you'd expect from such a varied professional and personal gathering of experiences, Burns overwhelming positive out-look jumps out at the reader. The stories about relationships come across vividly. If not these particular people, we've met them in other places, times; in other people. His is a richly-textured blend of visual images and color: red, brown, tan, chocolate and ebony.

In addition to creating for Burns a celebrity status amongst his fellow students, "Re-flexion is being used as a reference for students in Composition and creative writing classes at Lane College in Jackson, Tenn. It has been nominated for inclusion and use in the English/Communication Department at Langston University in Oklahoma and, is being considered for classroom use at Wilberforce University Ohio.

"You must believe," as well as any of the other works featured in the collection, express Burns as well as any of the other works featured in the collection, express Burns philosophy: "You must believe in your gifts, You must belief in the goodness of Every human being, you must believe in justice - You must believe in freedom of words, religion choice and opinion, without offending your sister or brother."

It's a fascinating read and, all too brief. Burns and his family have lived in Detroit for the past 12 years since his return from Canada. Before leaving, he graduated from Mckenzie High School, and briefly attended Central Michigan University. He cites his parents as a big source of inspiration. A Michigan native, he grew up in Buchanan, Michigan, where father was a minister. Burns has also been awarded black belts in Tae Kwon Do, Judo and Kemp Karate.

"Reflection of Love: From then to now!" is available at the number of area book stores including, Vaughns Book Store, 16525 Livernoise across from U of D Mercy and Borders Bookshop, 31150 Southfield in Birmingham. Further information can be obtained by writing to:

Jay C. Burns Fine Arts and Music Publishing Company, 19781 Asburn park, Detroit, MI 48235
Author: Micheal Daisey
Source: The Northwest Detroit
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